Whitefield’s operating structure seeks to emphasise the qualities of prudential control and specialisation.

Whitefield's Board contains a majority of independent directors with a specific focus on prudential control and review fo the Company's operations.  The Company's Investment Team, Accounting Personnel and Office Administration Personnel operate as specialist units each with a depth of managerial and operational resources.

Whitefield's investments are managed by an experienced team.

Whitefield's investment team have an average of 22 years financial services experience per person, of which an average of 17 years has been spent working with Whitefield.  Our team members have diverse backgrounds and skills providing us with a robust depth of perspective.

Alignment of Interests.

Many of Whitefield's Board and Exectuive Personnel are also shareholders of Whitefield.  They have significant vested interest in ensuring that the Company operates successfully over both long and short terms.

Whitefield provides investors with an efficient structure.

Our operating structure and utilisation of technology assist us in providing a professionally managed portfolio at a relatively low cost.  Whitefield's operating expense ratio is approximately 0.4% of gross asssets (FY:2018).